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We are specialised in the branding and marketing & communication for premium brands. Sorpasso has experience in, knowledge of and a true passion for this fascinating sector. Having had a close working relationship with the superyacht industry since 1995, we know the best ways and opportunities for developing of premium brands in all sorts of markets.

A premium brand revolves around more than just a high-quality product. Knowing the difference is our domain. Many companies don’t know how to communicate their quality or use it in their campaigns. As a result, the discussions all too often end up being about price alone. This is a missed opportunity as premium brands which touch the heart can generally ask more for their services or products.

Sorpasso will help you plot out an effective route to realise a premium proposition and overtake your competition…. A Sorpasso as our Italian friends like to say!

Yachting industry
Much of our premium brand experience has been gained in the yachting industry since 1995. Sorpasso works for both yards and marine equipment suppliers (B2C and B2B). We know our way around this complex market and understand how to find hard-to-reach target groups. You can rely on our up-to-date records of international press and brokers, as well as our expertise in Google Adwords, SEOs, YouTube InStream & InDisplay and Google Analytics. Our online marketers are official Google Partners, certified for Google Adwords Display Network and have a great deal of experience in generating high-quality leads for our customers.
Sorpasso has identified
8 qualities
that premium brands have in common:
1. Premium pricing.

Customers expect to pay more for a premium product and feel that it’s worth the extra money.

2. Customer loyalty.

Premium brand customers show loyalty by telling stories about the brand and/or its products. They identify with the brand and become ambassadors.

3. Distinctiveness.

Customers know exactly why they are buying the product, what the distinctive added value proposition (promise) is and what these expectations mean for them.

4. Top quality at all times.

Premium brands often set the quality benchmark for their market, and this is reflected in every aspect of the business. They are determined to lead the pack and this is reflected right down to even the smallest details.

5. Honesty and authenticity.

Premium brands are true to themselves and consistently deliver what they promise. They also listen with empathy and know how to bind customers to themselves. They are transparent and open: people feel that they can trust them.

6. Luxurious presentation.

A premium brand evokes a pleasant feeling and speaks to the emotions. It always excels in terms of decoration, design, campaigns, events, house style, creativity and packaging.

7. General appeal.

Premium brands are hugely attractive to customers, who are willing to pay more for something good: for suppliers who deliver the best and for expert personnel with ambitions. They are always media darlings.

8. Greatest talents.

Well-trained staff with genuine ambition and talent will always be attracted to premium brands and companies. They are inquisitive, eager to learn and keen to develop themselves and bring out the very best they have to offer.

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