Whisper Power

Whisper Power

Whisper Power designs and manufactures combined hybrid and propulsion systems for superyachts and professional craft.

Request for Sorpasso

Develop a dealer introduction campaign for the new Whisper Power All-in One Power Station. This product combines a hybrid diesel generator, power inverter and battery in one compact unit, allowing users to generate their own power.

Goal: stimulate 50 dealers to include the product in their range. Develop a payoff that positions Whisper Power as an innovative manufacturer of safe and reliable products worldwide.

The strategy
We chose to explain the product by means of a promise: Complexity – Simplified. We then translated this into a traditional dealer mailing, a print ad in trade magazines, an e-mailing, a brochure and a dealer presentation.
Result: 66 dealers registered.
The new payoff has since become an intrinsic part of the brand: Generating Confidence

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whisper power
Whisper power

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