DMS Holland

Dynamic Marine Systems (DMS) designs and manufactures stabilisers for every type of yacht. Sorpasso has been responsible for a total overall of the company’s proposition which promotes the overall brand rather than the product portfolio alone. We developed a campaign that has enabled DMS Holland to be seen as a frontrunner in the yacht stabiliser market.

DMS stabiliser systems ensure better stability, greater comfort, a reduced chance of seasickness and optimal safety. The company provides the best, latest and most advanced stabiliser systems for any type of yacht and offers full service right up to the system’s commissioning.


Traffic to the website and submitted email addresses (leads).

International Campaign

Video in-stream and display banners profiling DMS as an authority in its field. Visitors to the website are shown a configurator to help them decide which stabilisers they need for their yacht.

Tools: website, video, Google display banners, advertisements, e-newsletters


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