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Request for Sorpasso

We were asked to provide insight into the results of various (online) campaigns, help the company increase its reach and effectiveness, and design a campaign with proven results. First, we defined goals on the website and made them measurable. Based on these results, it was determined that the existing Google AdWords campaign only had a mediocre yield. The strategic analysis showed that there was an opportunity for geo-targeting around exhibitions.

The strategy

We redesigned the entire AdWords campaign and achieved a demonstrable improvement of approx. 600%. Based on this major step forward, a campaign was expanded for the next few years to generate a constant flow of leads at predictable costs.

To obtain measurable results, we also designed a system that allowed us to follow the online generated leads offline until the moment they became a deal. The system enables us to distinguish between more and less valuable leads in our marketing.
The display network is used to generate a great deal of online visibility in the target group around events such as the Monaco Yacht Show.

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