Successful campaigns cannot be achieved without the right mix of online and offline tools.

To ensure the premium quality of our campaigns, Sorpasso keeps the production of all tools in-house: from magazines to high-end videos, from corporate identity to display banners and from exhibition stand designs to websites.

Sorpasso has been supporting clients with measurable results for its online campaigns for over ten years. This is achieved by the smart and well-thought-out deployment of the latest online techniques, all geared towards the clear goal of generating high-quality leads.
Online marketing is developing at a rapid pace. Staying fully up-to-date and learning from ongoing campaigns are critical success factors in remaining ahead of the pack and achieving the best possible campaign results.

We often see campaign tools being selected based on technique alone, without proper consideration of why that specific technique should be used. Sorpasso starts with the campaign goals and uses these to determine which combination of online techniques work best.
Integrated online communication is essential to get the best ROI from the available budgets. We know how to ensure all communication tools work together well, combining the unique opportunities of online techniques to create a strategic whole that’s larger than the sum of its parts.

At the end of the day, all online techniques are worthless without communicative strength and content quality. A display banner, text ad or instream video which does not stimulate action will never have the desired results.
Successful campaigns are always a combination of a smart strategy, eye-catching creativity and a carefully considered media/tool mix.

Sorpasso has the following online disciplines in-house:
Making results measurable: Quantifiable results are essential for all types of online marketing, without which you end up with a waste of resources and disappointing results.

Google Analytics: Technical implementation, clear analyses and reports on generated data: we are officially Google-certified.

Hotjar. This gives us insight into the on-page behaviour and intentions of website visitors via heatmaps, on-page recording of visitor behaviour, form analysis, polls and visitor feedback.

Google Data Studio. Report system that keeps clients up-to-date with crucial Key Performance Indicators in real time.

Website traffic. The goal is to generate as much traffic as possible of the highest possible quality at the lowest possible costs. Every product or service has its own unique features and, as a result, solutions. To us at Sorpasso it’s always the result that counts.

SEO. Search engine optimisation for free traffic; Sorpasso can help you with both the technical optimisation of your website and in content creation and link building.

SEA. Search engine advertising for fast results and maximum reach in the short term. Sorpasso is officially Google Ads-certified.

Display (banner) advertising. Reaching target groups based on demographic & geographic factors and interests. Sorpasso is officially Google Ads-certified

Video advertising. Maximum impact based on high-quality video and focused on geographic, demographic and interest properties.

Retargeting. Targeting technique to re-reach existing visitors and convey a more in-depth message or remind them of an existing need.

Google Shopping. Automated advertising of products, often specifically for webshops. Sorpasso is Google Shopping-certified

Instagram. Reaching specific target groups based on interests and online behaviour, Sorpasso’s content & strong copy inspires and stimulates interaction with your target group.

Facebook. Strong target group segmentation ensures you reach the right people. Can be used quickly for a large reach as well as communicate with your target group. Used wisely, Facebook can also be a source of target group data.

Conversion optimisation: Leads and online turnover are key priorities for Sorpasso. Creativity and expertise ensure a considerably higher result without increasing your costs.

Lead form optimisation: Asking for more information often means fewer leads but a higher quality; we know how to find the right balance for your leads.

Checkout optimisation: The online check-out environment is the most important threshold your customers have to cross before you achieve success. Sorpasso ensures that as few people as possible fail to cross the check-out line.

Lead generation. In which stage of their purchase do customers require what information? And how can we, as provider, increase the results of the information supply? Creativity combined with experience and knowledge of customers ensures an optimal result for our clients.

Content. What information should visitors receive before they take action and how? Exploring this issue is an essential aspect of online success.

Copywriting. Commercial, seductive or informative? Your choice of style makes the difference between poor or excellent results. Sorpasso’s copywriters know how to convince your customers online.

Photography. The right setting, emotion and positioning of a product makes all the difference. Sorpasso has over 20 years of experience with photographers in almost every specialism and can provide you with an ideal presentation.

Layout. Placing an image in the right environment with the right style and emotion is how brand identity is born.

Video. Videos can offer maximum impact. We can ensure that your product or service wins the heart of your target group via moving images with sound and text.

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