De Valk Yacht brokers


De Valk Yacht brokers

Request for Sorpasso

We were asked to develop and expand a proposition that is unique in the Dutch yacht broker market.

Proposition by Sorpasso

The online reach of the De Valk website is so extensive that we could state with certainty that any yacht for sale at De Valk would have the largest reach of potential buyers possible, increasing the chance of a fast sale for the seller.

The basis for the reach of the De Valk website is a well thought-out and well-executed SEO strategy. It generates a reach that is unequalled in the European market.
In addition, we set up various campaigns in the AdWords search and display network which keeps visitors returning to the site and helps De Valk attract continuous attention. The balanced strategy was then also adopted by several partner companies, allowing them to benefit too from the reach of De Valk.
Management has a clear insight into the online reach and we regularly provide advice at the strategic level.
The final step in the online strategy was to provide potential sellers of a yacht with an objective insight into how the reach of De Valk compares to competitors in various ways.

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