Steeler Yachts


Steeler Yachts

Since November 2018 Sorpasso has been working for Steeler Yachts in Steenwijk, a builder of steel and aluminium motoryachts in lengths from 12 to 24 metres. Steeler is a relatively new company with serious ambitions.

Challenge for Sorpasso

The question was how to best position Steeler in its market segment and generate a premium feel so that prices could be maintained (and possibly raised) while making 12 yachts a year.

The process
We moved towards Steeler Yachts 2.0 by developing a website that fully meets the requirements for smart online campaigns and is fully measurable as the foundation for the future. This allowed us to develop a tightly-knit online campaign and generate as much traffic and as many top-quality leads as possible.
In addition, we introduced a new house style that underlines the brand’s premium ambitions. A new payoff was developed to reflect the passion of the builders and the sailing enjoyment of the owners: A thrill to build. A thrill to own.

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