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Camper & Nickolsons Yachtbrokers

Camper & Nicholsons is global market leader in the field of selling pre-owned superyachts, the chartering of superyachts and new-build management.

Request for Sorpasso

We were asked to ensure fast and measurable leads for yachts in Asia that had been on sale for an extended period.

The strategy
Our aim was to generate data about existing online visitors to the site and design an online targeting group based on the results.
Using the data, we launched various online campaigns in the display network while testing and comparing a variety of targeting methods. The most successful was then expanded and, within 2.5 months, we visibly reduced the costs per lead by 80% compared to the previously used online techniques. In addition, Sorpasso’s efforts resulted in valuable insights into the online behaviour of the target group that would facilitate the generation of on-demand leads in the future.

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Our work

Sorpasso – concepts & campaigns
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